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Are you not entertained?

Check out some of the videos and photos on the Stream page for a snapshot into my lifestyle. 

Mike Holste

Seattle Transplant. Detroit Native. Adventure Mercenary.

I am a full scope digital marketer. From agencies to the Fortune 500, I build and manage scalable campaigns through their entire lifecycle. I bring experience and innovation to each step of the workflow- whether it is industry research, campaign development, design and content creation, community management, or comprehensive social measurement, analysis and reporting. I live and work in digital channels.​


I currently work as a PR and Digital Marketing Manager for Microsoft, where I run social media, digital strategy, and communications for products in the Microsoft Office Division, primarily Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, Yammer, and Delve. I also sometimes contribute as a Social Media Strategist for other organizations and as a MarComm Specialist for PCG.


"Leisure" time

I thrive on activity. When I am not sailing, skiing, skateboarding, cliff diving, or mountaineering, you can find me glued to social, making and editing an assortment of music and GoPro videos. I also play jazz flute. 


On the horizon...

I am always on the lookout for great projects, ideas, and companies where I could make a contribution. Have a cool app idea? Let's get started. Have a company hoops team? Great! I am 6'3". Company band? Perfect! I play a few instruments and am not shy about singing in public. Need a creative new guy to spark some ideas? Give me a call. Just want to bounce some ideas around?Contact me! 


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