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Full scope marketing.

​I bring a unique blend of creativity, vision, and business prowess to the world of PR & marketing. By combining innovative technology, cutting edge IMC and social strategies, and strong data analysis (along with lots of enthusiasm), I can offer full-scope digital marketing solutions for any brand, whether they are streetside or worldwide.

Integrated Digital Marketing


Don't just get your message out. I help brands build value by reaching the right audiences in the right context across any marketing channels.


By combining the skills below, I offer digital services that cover the entire marketing spectrum. From your inbox to your website to the Twittersphere and everywhere in-between, I can build followers, increase reach, find influencers, and engage in the coversations that move your brand forward. 

Social Media


My bread and butter. Whether you are looking to boost your traffic, grow your followers and communities, or reach and engage with influencers and potential customers, I create complete social campaigns that help you achieve your marketing goals. 

I have extensive experience managing and growing accounts of all sizes for various industries. I scale the entire social workflow from targeting to providing copy/design to publishing, monitoring, and reporting. Whether you are looking to build buzz or build a name for yourself, I make it happen on social. And I will throw in the hashtags for free.

Public Relations


We all know the role of Public Relations has changed tremendously in the digital world, and the opportunity for two-way communication and web virality can be make or break for a brand's image. I have experience leveraging both traditional and digital channels to ensure that news gets where it should be.


Whether you are looking for news breaking campaigns, exposure, and amplification, or damage control and containment, I approach PR from a measurable and marketable perspective rooted in social media monitoring and an understanding of the marketing process.  



Community Management


Communities  are a wonderful resource to connect with your stakeholders and humanize your brand. They offer a chance for feedback, direct access to your business, and an owned media asset where your organization can share the latest news, win potential customers, and reinforce your vision and messaging.

They can also be fickle. They create a platform for complaints and service requests, and if left unattended, can actually be a liability as opposed to asset. I manage communities of all shapes and sizes across social media, forums, and even enterprise social platforms. Whether you need an admin to build and maintain the ecosystem, or a community manager to keep the conversations going, I got you covered. 

Copy & Content 


Copy & Content is the driving force behind shareable and spreadable information and a proven strategy for marketing success. I flow effortlessly between profound and technical, whimsical and consumable, and from down right informative to playfully snarky. I have experience speech writing for university executives, ghost-writing for corporate leaders, blogging for tech giants, and creating meaning in 140 characters. 


Don't believe me? Follow me on Twitter, and bring your thesaurus. 

Social Listening 


Finding out what your customers and audiences are saying takes more than the search bar in Twitter. This area is still under construction. 

Measurement & Reporting


Under Construction. 



This area is still under construction.  

Web Design


Need a website? Or just a new one? I build sites from the group up that live in the intersection of style and functionality. Complete with built in SEO, total marcomm mix integration, and a sleek atmosphere that works with mobile to show customers that your organization is leaning forward. Simply looking to clean up your look and feel? I can help with that too. 

Iconography and Logos


This area is still under construction. 



Campaigns that both leave and win impressions. From full advertising campaign design down to the rich graphics and copy, I capture both the message and moment while minding the aesthetics. Whether your customers demand unapologetic rants or deep technical specs, I make ads that push your brand beyond. 



Reduce the number of clicks, improve traffic flow, help users get to the information they want and increase the clicks on call to actions. 

Banner Ads
Under construction.



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