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Slam It Poetry Drinking Game

The Slam It! Poetry drinking game, like all of the most wonderful things on Planet Earth, was born out of a combination of boredom, alcohol, and the desire to appreciate (read: laugh at) those who continue to perpuate awful cliches and the wrongest of all forms of literature, slam poetry. Below are the Official Rules that we play by, but feel free to edit and add as you see fit. The important part is that you get some drinks in with some great friends while feeling you are on the avant garde of the 90s.

DRINK 1x Sip per Poem anytime:

Bongo drums are played Snaps instead of claps Someone wears sunglasses Someone wears a beret/fedora/rasta hat Someone wears a scarf Reads off of phone/notes DRINK 1x Sip anytime: Someone swears Someone whispers Snaps instead of claps Repeats a line/word 3x References mom/dad References tattoos References "the man" References rain Microphone problems Uses the word "culture" or "bourgeois" References Seahawks (or other local sports team) Says the name of a city (Midwestern city = 3x sips) Rubs hands together for dramatic effect

We may add to the list as time goes on. The weekly poetry slam we attend takes place at Re-bar in Seattle every Tuesday at 8:30pm. Admission is $5 at the door and the bar is cash only. Hope you enjoy and get out there!

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