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Super Bowl XLIX: Macaroni & Cheese Cookoff

Super Bowl Sunday- a day of family, friends, football and..... fierce competition to see who has the best Mac 'n' Cheese in town? Let me just say that I don't care about the Super Bowl. Nor do I care about the Seahawks even though I currently live in Seattle. Nor do I care about football. The games are boring and full of ads... for only 11 minutes of action.

So why put up with the masses and mayhem? Because I am competitive and I like trophies. Last year we entered this competition with an aptly named entry "Brock Lee's 3 lb Mac" that featured a plethora of Beecher's artisan cheese (supplied by a friend who is a cheesemaker) and of course, broccoli. After taking 2nd Place and missing out on the glory that is a T-shirt and trophy, we came back motivated like an Iron Chef to displace the twice reigning champ.

This year we submitted two entries, "Mac-Street Boys" and the more close-to-the-chest "Ricky Williams Magic Mac" (use your imagination).

Here is the design work and ingredient list for the "Mac-Street Boys" entry.

Mac-Street Boys.jpg

Did we win you ask? No. Having two entries to vote for may have lead to some market cannibalization for our shells, or maybe it just wasn't as good as we thought. The RWMM version did take 3rd Place but the reigning champion successfully pulled off his 3-peat. See you next year asshole.

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